General plumbing

emergency plumber en2If you have a problem with water, drainage, pipes or even with central heating, anything to do with general plumbing or gas appliances is what Enfield Plumbers specialises in. If you have a problem with your general plumbing, indoor or outdoor, commercial or domestic, or professional plumbers will be able to solve it. They have over 20 years of experience in general plumbing and so they have see it all, no matter if it is something new or old, they will be able to solve it, emergency 24/7 or non-emergency where you set an appointment with us. Whether it is something small and simple or big and complex, we can do it for you. For our fast and reliable work, we will provide you with 2 years of guarantee for it.
We will supply you with the parts required for general plumbing and we also have all the specialised equipment needed to solve any of the problems. Whether you don’t have hot water, drainage is blocked, you’ve got a leak or need a whole new pipeline installation, just call us because we do it all that relates to general plumbing and gas work. If you’re not sure if we do it, call us and ask. Call us now for a free quoting or for emergency work. We do no call out charges so you should know how much you’re paying before we beggin our work.

Legionella Disease and the Landlord’s Responsibility

Contaminated water is dangerous to health. When people inhale the tiny droplets of contaminated water that contains Legionella, they may develop Legionnaire’s disease. Legionella may grow in all kinds of manmade cold and hot water systems. Under favorable conditions it can multiply so risk affecting people in the environment. Environmental conditions such as water droplets, sludge, stagnant water, biofilm, food particles and favourable growth temperature all help its growth, and this continues until it takes over the whole water area and causes an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease if its growth is not contained.

Who is a Landlord?

A landlord is the owner of a residential or commercial building, who rents or leases it out to tenants or leaseholders for a less than seven years. The duties of a landlord include many functions which are aimed at making the property comfortable and safe for the tenants or lease holders. Regulations have been established by local authorities, housing associations, and housing co-operatives, which then must be adhered to by the landlords.

The law and you

According to the law, it is the responsibility of the landlord to maintain the property and the environment around it healthy, in order not to expose the tenants to any kind of environmental health hazards. If your plumbing system has legionella growing in it, and you need a solution, then call us.


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