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Boiler repair EN2 Enfield

Boiler repair:

Our professional gas engineers are ready 24/7 for a boiler repair, whether it is emergency or not, whether it is commercial, domestic or catering, we can do your boiler repair, whether it is a small and simple fix or a big and complex problem, its not a problem for us. We, at Enfield Plumber are capable of doing all the boiler repairs. For our boiler repairs we will give you a two-year guarantee on it. Our gas engineers are registered with Gas Safe Register and so are legally allowed to carry out boiler repairs and fix any other gas appliances within your property, they are also fully equipped with professional equipment to carry out any boiler repairs. We will only supply you with the highest quality, original parts to your boiler to reduce the risks of it breaking down again. We are capable of fixing any brand of a boiler, whether it’s a new or old model, we can work with it. If a boiler repair is not worth it, our engineers could offer you to install a new boiler instead as it could safe up money in the long run or it could be cheaper than the boiler repair, depending on the state that the boiler is in

Boiler installations:

At Enfield Plumber we specialise in boiler installations, whether it is commercial, domestic, catering, indoor or outdoor, we can do it all. Our boiler installations services are the best you can hope for, our gas engineers have 20 years of experience in what they do so they have already seen it all. Any problem encountered during the boiler installation process can be solved by them, whether it is a big and complex or small and simpler problem, it is not a problem for us as we can solve it for you. Just so you know, you can save up to, maybe even over £300 a year on a new boiler. Our gas engineers at Enfield Plumber will carry out a boiler installation for any brand of boiler for which we will give you a few years guarantee, depending on the boiler, you can get up to 10 years of guarantee. Call us now for free quoting. You should know how much you will pay before hand as we do no call out charges.

Boiler services:

At Enfield Plumber our professional gas engineers can carry out any boiler services, whether it is something to do with our boiler or gas appliances, we can do it. Our services cover a wide range of expertise, from your boiler working inefficiently up to any leaks of gas/oil/LPG. Whether its your central heating that’s damaged, don’t worry as we can do it. If you’re lacking in hot water or need a power flush, just call us now, we can resolve your problem in no time, 24/7, emergency and non-emergency work, we are here for you.
Our gas safe engineers are capable of working with any type of boiler, new or old, the brand of the boiler doesn’t matter and the problem with it is nothing we have not encountered before. We will provide you with any boiler services that you require, fast, reliably, efficiently and at the right price. Call us now for free quoting.
Enfield boiler installation

Oil Boiler Service

So as not to spend too much money on repairing or replacing your oil boiler, it is better to contact us at Enfield Plumbing in order to maintain your boiler yearly. This maintenance keeps it working efficiently so just like new.
We offer very affordable boiler maintenance services, which will save you the cost of buying a new one or repairing damaged parts or the high bills you could receive for heating during winter. We also take particular note of factors that could cause the release of carbon monoxide, and solve them head-on.
Our engineers are experienced, OFTEC certified, and have the professional expertise for servicing oil heaters in any size of building, whether domestic or commercial.
We have the necessary equipment needed for this maintenance stocked in our warehouse, so you do not need to worry about the unavailability of equipment, and the consequent delay.


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